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There is nothing more satisfying for your dog than a walk outdoors at their favorite park. While your pup may love getting outside, walks can become frustrating when you don't have the best dog leash available to tackle the task. For a humane and durable dog leash that looks great and handles well, you'll want to head to East Bay Leads.

Durable Dog Leash at East Bay Leads

East Bay Leads is an American company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Determined to create the perfect dog leash for outdoor excursions, East Bay Leads would eventually come to create The Watson and The Millie Lead.

  • The Watson Lead - 5' long and 1/2" thick, this marine grade rope leash is weatherproof, durable, and rated for dogs 40-100+lbs in size. Solid brass rope clamps and hardware round out the finish of this gorgeous leash.

  • The Millie Lead - For the smaller dogs in our lives, the Millie Lead is a great companion tool. The Millie Lead is 5' long and 3/8" thick with a weight rating ideal for dogs from 10-40lbs.

East Bay Leads was founded on Cape Cod by a husband and wife duo with a passion for animals and a love for quality products. Scott and Kate knew that they wanted to give something back that could help other pet owners like themselves. After searching for the perfect leash, Scott determined he wanted to make his own and thus, East Bay Leads was born.

If you are looking for the best dog leash on the market, you've come to the right place. Check out East Bay Leads for a custom and durable dog leash at an affordable price point. Feel free to contact East Bay Leads with any questions before making your order!