Boat Rope Dog Leash

East Bay Leads: Advantages of a Marine Grade Rope Dog Leash.

Does the idea of spending time outdoors sound great? What about with your dog in tow? Whether you are from Massachusetts or you just want to get outdoors with the best rope dog leash around, you'll be able to enjoy quality products that help you do so from the team at East Bay Leads!

East Bay Leads was founded to offer the best double braided rope dog leash to animal lovers around the world. Founded in companionship between a husband and wife duo, East Bay Leads has gone on to produce a range of boat rope dog leash products for your enjoyment.

Why Buy a Marine Grade Rope Dog Leash From East Bay Leads?

The first dog leash patent in the United States came through in 1907 under the heading, 'A Leading Device'. Since then, the dog leash has undergone considerable changes to become the product that we know and love today. The team at East Bay Leads decided early on that their rope dog leash would be not just an effective tool, but also an enduring one.

When you shop at East Bay Leads for your boat rope dog leash, you'll get to enjoy a product that offers ALL of the following advantages and then some more!

  1. Made in America - Scott is the co-founder of East Bay Leads and the primary craftsman behind the different leads for sale in the shop. Scott makes all of the products for sale at East Bay Leads from scratch within his own apartment, ensuring customers that they are getting products made in America and brimming with quality components.

  2. Best Materials Available - Hiking or walking in the elements with your dog means being prepared to withstand whatever nature throws at you. The team at East Bay Leads has developed their line of dog leads with durable marine grade rope as well as solid-brass hardware. The lead that you buy from East Bay Leads will last for a long, long time.

  3. Custom Designs For Your Needs - Every dog is different and that means accounting for their needs as they appear. While the traditional dog lead at East Bay Leads is 5' in length, you can purchase a custom version to better handle your specific situation. Leads range in length from 2' to 8'.

  4. Buy Wholesale - If you are a shop owner looking to supply your clients with affordable and effective leashes, contact East Bay Leads directly to discuss wholesale/store orders.

For a better brand of leash, there is nowhere you should turn to except for East Bay Leads. Founded by a husband-and-wife duo who are dog lovers focused on quality products and components, your shopping journey is waiting to begin at East Bay Leads!